Six Key Factors In Choosing The Right Salesforce Consulting Partner

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Enterprises today are aware of the efficiencies and change Salesforce brings in their Digital Transformation initiatives. However, only sustainable digital transformation strategy can bring the desired outcomes and improve ROI. Like one size doesn't fit all; It's crucial to understand what technology stack and methodology suits your business and then make the right investment for successful outcome.

Following are the six key factors that can help you choose a right Salesforce consulting and implementation partner:

  1. Proven Expertise: Always consider an industry expert who has proven expertise in problem-solving, ability to apply customer centric design principles and been part of multiple complex implementations. It is not about how many years they've been doing Salesforce consulting; it is about their efficiency in delivering the projects and supporting the clients is important.
  2. 24x7 support: Salesforce releases new features thrice a year. So, ask for continuous help, support and how the new releases impact the current implementation.
  3. Plan Data Migration: Make sure your partner does a secure data migration from your legacy systems to the Salesforce platform with a deep understanding of data structures and processes.
  4. Team efficiency and size: No matter how big or small the team size maybe, look for the number of certified experts in Salesforce consulting partner company.
  5. Big No to Fancy agency: Do not get biased with proposals from multiple companies as they are within your budget. Ask for presentations, previous project experience, references, and case studies.
  6. Engage and Evaluate: Make a list of the potential Salesforce consulting partner companies. Check the rating on Salesforce-owned sites like AppExchange, Trailhead, any IT forums for reliable reviews. Talk to your peers on LinkedIn and Twitter and then make an informed decision.

Working with a Salesforce consulting partner might include a lot more than just signing a contract. You may effectively pick the perfect Salesforce Consulting Partner who provides you a bit more than expected when you examine everything from their vision to their approach to a project. Do you want to know more about a Salesforce Consulting partner write to us at


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