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From streamlining projects to enhancing collaboration; we do it all on Salesforce

Precision, Collaboration, and Efficiency are the keys to driving growth for the Engineering Services Industry. Salesforce, as a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, can provide a robust foundation to redefine your engineering services.

Here's why investing in Salesforce for your engineering business is crucial

Streamlined Project Management

Track projects and optimize resources from inception to completion, besides maintaining a real-time collaboration for diverse teams on the Salesforce platform

Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management

Centralize customer data on Salesforce to offer personalized customer service and interaction to build long-term customer relationships

Scalability and Flexibility

Salesforce constantly upgrades its features and functionalities in each release (thrice a year) to fill ever-changing business needs effortlessly and scale operations as the business grows.

Data-Driven Insights

With advanced Generative AI features on Salesforce, businesses can get a deeper understanding of their business using real-time reporting and analytics.

What Engineering services does Dextara provide on Salesforce?​

The Dextara team specializes in offering a range of engineering services on Salesforce,

  • Strategic Approach to merge and unify multiple Salesforce orgs while ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Efficiency Enhancement to eliminate redundancies and optimize data architecture for a more cohesive and organized structure.
  • Data Rationalization to assess and rationalize data to maintain accuracy and consistency by implementing data cleanup processes to enhance data quality.
  • Develop User Adoption Strategies to facilitate smooth user adoption during and post-consolidation via training and support to users for the new consolidated environment.
  • Evaluate and align customizations across orgs for consistency by ensuring that custom features and functionalities are seamlessly integrated.
  • Review of Security and Access Controls during the consolidation besides safeguarding sensitive data defining access controls.
  • Performance Optimization post-consolidation to identify and address performance issues.
  • Assessment and Planning: Evaluate readiness and involve key stakeholders.
  • Communication and Training: Clearly communicate changes and provide training programs.
  • Data Cleanup: Cleanse and backup data before migration.
  • Prepare Customizations: Review and update customizations for Lightning compatibility.
  • Enable Lightning Experience: Gradually enable Lightning for users and customize pages.
  • Test in a Sandbox: Conduct thorough testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Address Compatibility Issues: Check AppExchange apps and browser compatibility.
  • Optimize for Lightning Features: Leverage components and customize record pages.
  • Mobile Optimization: Configure mobile apps and provide training.
  • Deploy and Monitor: Rollout in phases, monitor adoption, and address feedback.
  • Version Control: Implement Git and define a branching strategy.
  • Continuous Integration (CI): Set up automated builds and code quality checks.
  • Automated Testing: The Dextara Team conducts unit testing, integration testing, and regression testing.
  • Code Review: Automate code reviews and establish collaborative review processes.
  • Continuous Deployment (CD): Automate deployment processes and use incremental deployments.
  • Environment Management: Develop a sandbox strategy and manage test data.
  • Configuration Management: Track metadata changes and use configuration as code.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Implement monitoring tools and logging mechanisms.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Use collaboration platforms and automated notifications.
  • Security and Compliance: Integrate security scans and ensure compliance.
  • Documentation: Document processes, configurations, and release notes.
  • Continuous Improvement: Conduct retrospectives and establish feedback loops.
  • Quality Engineering: Implement automated testing and perform regression and UAT.
  • Security Testing: Conduct penetration testing and use code scanning tools.
  • Accessibility Testing: Ensure compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Data Quality and Integrity: Implement data validation checks and test migration processes.
  • Performance Engineering: Conduct load testing, scalability testing, and code optimization.
  • Code Review and Analysis: Implement code quality checks and peer code reviews.
  • Environment Management: Develop a sandbox strategy and effective data management.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Set up real-time monitoring tools and logging mechanisms.
  • Release Management: Conduct thorough testing and establish rollback strategies.
  • Documentation: Document performance testing results and troubleshooting guides.
  • Continuous Improvement: Establish feedback loops and conduct post-implementation reviews.

Why choose Dextara?

The Dextara team can tailor Salesforce implementation to your specific needs. Our industry-specific knowledge ensures that you use Salesforce as a strategic asset in driving your business forward. We go beyond Salesforce implementation, from seamlessly integrating Salesforce with your existing systems to ensuring a smooth transition without disruption; the Dextara team can help you.

Dextara boasts a track record of successful Salesforce implementations across diverse industries. Our Client testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to delivering results.

We prioritize your unique needs and objectives. Our client-centric approach means that our team of Salesforce experts works closely with you, ensuring that our solutions align perfectly with your business goals.
In a dynamic business environment, innovation is critical. Dextara thrives on staying ahead of the curve, bringing you the latest Salesforce features and functionalities to keep your business at the forefront of technology.
Our team comprises certified Salesforce professionals with extensive experience in engineering services. With a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partners in success.

Are you ready to transform your Engineering Services to New Heights with Salesforce?

Partner with Dextara for a seamless, efficient, and tailored Salesforce implementation that drives growth for your business. 

By implementing Salesforce, you can tap into the advantages of digital collaboration for on-site execution and seamless integration with back-office data. The Dextara team can aid you in building stronger relationships and achieving breakthrough success on the Salesforce platform. 

Streamline projects, centralize data, optimize resources, and enhance collaboration on Salesforce

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