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Companies acknowledged 34% faster integration using Salesforce platform.

Smoothen the entire system with enterprise applications and Salesforce integration

Integrating the enterprise applications with the Salesforce platform is critical during the implementation process to achieve a smoother data flow and impeccable process automation with single data access across the applications. From design to implementation, architects and developers must have a deeper understanding of the requirements for the implementation.

We know that your business needs are unique like any other business. So here we’re with a unique solution!

Our certified Salesforce Implementation experts can customize the solutions to achieve a more unified workflow with hassle-free Salesforce integration. Thereby, you can get a faster, stable, scalable, and zero maintenance, robust set of applications available for your business.

What do we do?

  • Complete analysis of enterprise software applications and business requirements
  • Detailed road map with design for enterprise applications and Salesforce Integration
  • Customized solution development and configuration
  • API Enabled integration
  • Ongoing implementation support
  • 24×7 support and guidance after Salesforce implementation 

Our Process

At Dextara, we follow several project implementation and management methodologies based on business requirements.

 Our software and data engineers assist our clients with highly sustainable solutions and cost-effective techniques to get a complete view of data by syncing data between one or multiple systems. Our experts include aspects of master data management (MDM), data governance, mastering, de-duplication, data flow design, and others as data integration techniques for establishing connections between databases and a set of touchpoints. Business.

 Connect the people, data, and applications to ensure uninterrupted performance with Process integration. Our experts support our clients in orchestrating one or more applications required to accomplish a complex interdependent process that may require intricate design, testing, exception handling, and a good understanding of patterns. Our Process Integration specialists excelled in dealing with such composite applications to support long-running transactions and manage process states without interruption with perfect process integration.

 Get a complete view of organization-wide data in real-time by enabling the users to view, search, and modify data and applications to access data stored in external systems without data replication. Certified Salesforce experts at Dextara have hands-on experience in virtual integration without data duplication and loss. Quality/conversion.

The Architects, Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Data Engineers, and others at Dextara know the dynamic changes the Salesforce platform has undergone and the upcoming, current rollouts. Our team can guide and support your business to stay updated using the most enhanced features on the Salesforce platform.
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