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Get the expected outcomes and beyond from the Salesforce investment by reaching your customers at the right time

  • Do you still have difficulty automating sales processes using CRM data?
  • Are your teams struggling to do sales and marketing because of working in separate silos?
  • You have the least positive ROI expectations from your Salesforce investment. Isn’t it?  

If YES! Then, you’re uncertain about your business growth. We can help you!   

Say goodbye to cumbersome, repetitive sales and marketing processes with Salesforce Pardot, the leading B2B Marketing Solution

How can Pardot enhance sales and marketing?

We have innumerable Sales and Marketing automation tools available. However, deciding the most suitable automation platform or tool depends on its pricing, efficiency, and functionality. Easy integration of the automation tool with the CRM is the next important factor we consider gaining positive ROI out of our Salesforce investment. Though we have a few marketing automation software applications that can integrate with the Salesforce platform, choosing Pardot over them is wise for B2B companies. Why?   

Because the integration of Pardot and Salesforce is smoother as it is a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. This integration brings in limitless possibilities like:  

  • Automated lead management capabilities   
  • Improved communication via regular email marketing  
  • Shorter sales cycles  
  • Analytics on customer behaviors & other advanced features  


Pardot enables your sales and marketing team to engage your prospects throughout the buyer journey and beyond via automated processes. Your sales teams can nurture prospects, stay aware of the prospect activity, and track interactions besides becoming extra productive on integrating Salesforce with Pardot.  

With Pardot, you can

  • Simplify Sales and Marketing processes via Salesforce integration  
  • Track customer journeys and nurture them at each stage of the sales funnel  
  • Get metrics on sales teams’ productivity, marketing campaigns, and related activities  
  • Gain leads via continuous email marketing, social postings, landing pages, and other mediums  


If you’ve started using Pardot with Salesforce or are still planning to integrate, our Salesforce experts at Dextara can help you. Our certified Pardot specialists can help you maximize ROI by aligning the sales and marketing teams. We know how Pardot tools can help your sales and marketing teams automate processes and close more deals in less time. Before we do that for you, let’s collaborate. Connect with our Salesforce consultants at sales@dextara.com to get more info about Salesforce Pardot implementation and how we can customize it exclusively according to your organizational needs.   

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