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At its core, Marketing Cloud manages your complete customer lifecycle from the earliest phases of awareness and acquisition to transforming customers into brand advocates.

Here's how we envision these five stages in the customer lifecycle:
  • Acquire - Customer acquisition has never been more complex, thanks to evolving media and mobility. Whether you acquire customers through ads, email, social, or another channel, this is where the journey begins.
  • Sell - In this phase, it's all about providing a great experience during the transaction. For companies with sales teams, sales and marketing must work together to move customers through this phase.
  • Onboard - Modern marketing is less about individual transactions and more about longterm engagement. Set the stage now to bring a customer deeper into a relationship with your brand.
  • Engage - After a customer has made a purchase and you've onboarded them into a journey, your marketing should continue engaging them with the right message at the right time.
  • Advocate - In the social media age, when a single message can gain millions of impressions in minutes, customers can be your best advocates or your worst detractors. Ensure they remain advocates with relevant marketing and excellent service.

Marketing Cloud helps marketers engage customers at every step of this journey. Plus, it helps companies in every industry. Check out our latest customer stories to see how Marketing Cloud helps companies like yours, including technology and manufacturing, retail, financial services, and more.

The future of marketing has never been so exciting. Thanks to the rise of the hyperconnected and multi-device consumer, we have new ways to reach customers wherever they are — and Marketing Cloud is the best way to reach them.

These six technology shifts are happening right now, which enable marketers to revolutionize the customer experience:
  • Cloud - Cloud technology brings unparalleled computing power straight to marketers' fingertips. With Marketing Cloud, every innovation is built on Salesforce's trusted, multitenant platform.
  • Email - Email remains an innovative, high-ROI marketing channel. Consumers now read email more on mobile than desktop, so wherever they go, email goes with them.
  • Social - Customers constantly find new places to spend time digitally — and Marketing Cloud lets marketers join them, whether that's on Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere new.
  • Mobile - For the first time ever, humanity has a unifying technology platform that lets people reach each other anytime, anywhere. With Marketing Cloud, be wherever your customers are.
  • Data science - Personalization is the bedrock of modern marketing. If we have data about our customers, we can personalize every message precisely for them. Marketing Cloud empowers you to do just that.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) - The IoT creates a new level of rich context for marketers to understand customer needs and wants.

With Marketing Cloud and IoT Cloud, your marketing can be as connected as your customers. All these shifts combined have blended the physical and digital world. This blended world creates a unique opportunity for marketers to lead the expanded customer experience and manage it with digital tools — including ads, Web, email, mobile, apps, service, and much more. Marketing Cloud lets you use all of these tools to reach your customers.

At Dextara, helping customer experience success through digital transformation (DX) is our only mission and thats' the sole reason why we exist. We're successful when our customers are successful. And with Marketing Cloud, successful marketing is at the heart of everything we do.

Regardless of your business size or level of expertise, delivering relevant, targeted messages to your customers is imperative. So whether you're a small business or midsize business looking for a reliable and easy-to-use marketing solution, or a large enterprise business that requires scalability and sophistication, we have the solution to meet your changing needs.

  • Small business - We make it possible for small businesses to execute flawless marketing campaigns — no technical expertise required — with the industry's most user-friendly digital marketing platform. Your business may have fewer employees, resources, and customers (for now!), but we don't think your results should be any less phenomenal. We're here to help you grow.
  • Midsize business - You'll never outgrow Marketing Cloud. We help you determine a strategic roadmap for your digital marketing campaigns, including small steps you can take now to reach big, long-term goals. When you're ready to explore new channels — whether that's mobile, social ads, or Web personalization — you'll have access to the world's most reliable, scalable marketing platform to take the next step.
  • Enterprise - Dextaras' expertise and Salesforces' powerful platform helps marketers at enterprise companies deliver data driven campaigns. With Marketing Cloud, you can engage at scale, consolidate all data to create a common view of the customer, and deliver targeted messages to as many customers as you acquire. You have a lot of data, and the security of that data is always our top priority

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