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Our custom Salesforce Services can transform service, sales, and marketing processes by revolutionizing the way you do business

Salesforce is the best way to bring sales, marketing, and services onto one coherent platform by easing how your teams track sales, info, and service requests. At Dextara, we help businesses #Grow>Big> with the power of Salesforce. Suppose you’re new to the Salesforce ecosystem or want to know the best ways to use the Salesforce Platform to optimize your business, enrich Customer Experience, and multiply ROI. Our Salesforce specialists can ensure to support you to multiply ROI as the Salesforce platform and services grow and evolve with business needs. 

Hire the Best Salesforce Implementation Partner

Whether you are looking to implement the Salesforce Platform, get assistance for Salesforce integrations, or help your business use advanced features and functionality; our Salesforce Experts at Dextara can help your business successfully do the digital transformation using the power of Salesforce. 

Save costs and time with Salesforce CRM. Your sales teams can get a complete overview of opportunities, leads, and customers and instantly assist them with necessary info related to your business. Thereby, Salesforce CRM makes the entire sales process more efficient by streamlining your pre-sale marketing and sales efforts.
The Salesforce Service Cloud has transformed the customer experience with intense interactions, faster case resolutions, automatic information routing, and all the other advanced features. Salesforce has made customer service simpler and smarter as per today’s customer needs and expectations. At Dextara, we offer custom-made Service cloud implementation services to ensure customer service agents are well-equipped with the tools they require to give their customers a great digital experience at a whole new level.
Though Salesforce can potentially transform several verticals of industries, you can experience the real benefits of Salesforce as a platform only when it is tailored to your industry requirements. Dextara’s Salesforce experts better understand your business requirements and can implement a fully customized CRM system to fill those business needs. We’ve been a highly trusted Salesforce Partner for over the years, helping Salesforce customers with industry-specific solutions, from manufacturing, and medical to insurance domains. Our unique solutions, implementation services, products, configurations, and strategies have well-suited our clients’ businesses and made their business process workflows more efficient.
Save costs, time, and your team efforts by replacing the Generic CRM systems with custom-developed CRM to fit the specific needs of your business. At Dextara, our Salesforce developers can build highly customized CRM solutions to help your company grow with evolving needs and advancements.

Transform digitally with our Salesforce Implementation Unique Approach

At Dextara, you can consult us for anything related to the Salesforce niche, from Salesforce implementation to building custom CRM solutions and getting ongoing Salesforce Managed Services support.

We can support you to

  • Understand your clients, customers, leads, or prospects better by making all the info available in one place.
  • Automate cumbersome and time-consuming tasks.
  • Personalize the marketing experience.
  • Build custom dashboards for service executives to access important info needed to make better decisions.
  • Build a custom platform to fit business needs.

Start your Salesforce Implementation Today

Get in contact with us today and we’ll work through several iterations to give the best solutions, tweaking them in response to user input and experience. Allow our software developers to work on the fine-tuning procedure to maximize outcomes and improve the system that is most appropriate for your company.

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