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Dextara takes pride as a Salesforce PDO in delivering projects with efficiency

Salesforce as a platform offers secure, flexible, and scalable features and functionalities for product development and management. Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s most prominent business app marketplace place, enables businesses to market, service, and sell the pre-integrated Salesforce native apps and products to their customers.

As a distinguished Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer, Dextara had the privilege not only to list its cutting-edge products but also to share its expertise with numerous ISVs and businesses to craft and list their offerings on the Salesforce AppExchange. Our team of certified Salesforce professionals holds extensive expertise and profound knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring adherence to a meticulous process for product development on the platform.

Here's how we help you #Build>Great>Products.

Discovery & Analysis Phase

The Dextara team conducts a thorough analysis of your business requirements and determines the feasibility of the proposed app ideas.

Collaborative Ideation

We collaborate and brainstorm ideas to define the features and functionalities of the app. Ensure to include features that make your product stand out among other similar apps.

Architectural Design & Documentation

Our experts design the solution architecture and create detailed documentation to guide the development process from planning and designing to listing on Salesforce AppExchange.

Approval & Validation

We seek your approval of the proposed product development strategy before moving forward with the integrated app development on the Salesforce platform.

Development & Quality Assurance:

The Dextara team builds the app, conducts regular demos, and performs rigorous testing to ensure quality and functionality.

Security Assessment

Dextara conducts a comprehensive security review to protect your data and ensure your app passes through the security checks as per the Salesforce security standards.